Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy to Crossroads Care Surrey of any size will make an enormous difference as it will enable us to give more Surrey Carers the respite break they so desperately need. It also keeps your loved ones memory alive.

If you would like to leave a legacy in your will please stipulate clearly that it is to go to Crossroads Care Surrey and quote our Registered Charity Number: 1125048. This will avoid any confusion and ensure that Carers and the person for whom they care in Surrey, benefit.

If you would like the satisfaction of knowing you will be making a valuable and lasting contribution to someone’s life please email enquiries@crossroadscaresurrey.org.uk or call 01372 869970 for further details.


Gifts in Memory

What better way is there to remember a deceased loved one than honouring their memory by donating a gift on their behalf? Gifts left in memory or in your will, enable us to support Carers and their families often at times of crisis when they urgently need extra help. These donations live on and make a real difference to others. Crossroads Care Surrey deeply value donations made in this way.

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