What we do

“Crossroads Carers are better trained than social services or agency Carers”.

We provide high-quality, bespoke care for your loved one in their own home. Our highly trained Carer Support Staff take over a Carers responsibility for a few hours each week. This “me-time” contributes to the Carer’s physical and mental well-being, enabling them to have some time to themselves, to meet with friends, participate in leisure activities, go shopping or simply relax. The key factor is that they can spend their time with complete peace of mind, knowing that the Crossroads Care staff member is a qualified professional working to a detailed care plan.


Why do we need to support unpaid Carers?

  • 60% of us will take on a caring role at some point in our life.
  • The peak age for caring is 45- 65 years – typically working age.
  • Carers are the largest providers of care and support in the UK.
  • The economic value of Carers contributions is more than the entire annual NHS budget.
  • 1:5 Carers will give up work to take on a caring role.
  • 83% of Carers said caring has had a negative impact on their physical health.
  • 87% of Carers said caring had a negative impact on their mental health.