Beth’s Iceland Trek

Bethany Down, is a Care Coordinator at Crossroads Care for the West Surrey region. As part of her role, she works with a team of Carer Support workers who work directly with the people we help in communities across Surrey. Everyday, Beth and her colleagues do their very best to support as many Carers and their loved ones as resources will allow. Many Carers we offer respite support to are giving Care for people with disabilities and complex needs; dementia and autism together account for 49% of those we help. Bethany is passionate about her work and has decided to take on a fundraising challenge to help Crossroads Care Surrey to reach more people who a desperate for a respite break. Bethany will embark on a five day trekking adventure in stunning Southern Iceland, leaving mid-March. The adventure starts at Keflavik and finishes in the Geothermal Valleys. From beautiful mountain scenery, streams and waterfalls – Iceland has it all! There will be snow underfoot, so Bethany will be challenged for sure. She will stay in a hut, miles from the nearest big town and the dark skies will hopefully allow for her to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Please wish Bethany all the very best – she is a star fundraiser! If you wish to support Bethany’s Winter Trek, you can donate to her Virgin Money Giving page at Beth’s Winter Trek



    1. Wishing you well Bethany. Hope the trip goes well, you enjoy it, seeing the Northern lights. Take lots of pictures.
      Thank you for raising money for our Carers We Carer Support Workers appreciate it.
      Please find donation of £20

    2. Beth you are amazing! Good luck trekking. A great cause

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