Fundraising for Crossroads Care Surrey

How your donations help us

How your donations help us

Last year we were able to provide care for 2,000 families in Surrey so unpaid Carers working 24/7 looking after loved ones could take a respite break. With an estimated 118,000 unpaid Carers in the county, We want to do better to reach more people who Care 24/7 and we want to ensure that these individuals in society can live a rewarding life including time for work, friends and care for the one they love.

We are supported by local Government and NHS funding to provide essential services for Carers. Unfortunately, this funding is not enough to allow us to help everyone in need. Can you help us to continue our pledge to every Carer in Surrey to be there for them?

Please consider becoming a regular supporter. By giving a small amount every month, you could make a big difference in a year. With 3 in every 5 people expected to become a Carer at some point in life – together we are stronger.

 £ 18 – 1-hour short break for a family in need

£ 54 – 3 hours of respite break for a family

£108 – the running cost of the Saturday Club for disabled children for 1 day

£419 – a cherished weekend away for a Carer

Our services for Carers are paid for in a variety of ways:

Please contact 01372 869970 and for further details.