Spare a thought for Carers this Easter holiday

With Easter weekend nearly upon us, we thought it a good time to remind people of a very stark fact.

Unpaid Care, disability
We love, care and support, often unpaid Carers feel stigma associated with their care role

3 in every 5 people will care for a loved one in a lifetime.

Unpaid Carers are a hidden workforce. Research shows we often do not consider ourselves as Carers as we simply do the role because we love, care and support our family and friends. The role of an unpaid Carer is best described as caring for someone with a disability, condition or complex need without pay. If you know of an unpaid Carer, please let them know they should talk to their GP and register as an unpaid Carer. Healthcare professionals can support carers better if they know about your circumstance, giving you helpful advice and support to ensure you stay both physically and emotionally well for the person you are caring for, often a loved one. Often, healthcare professionals will also refer into our weekly respite break service, but you can also self refer. Find out more about Crossroads Care Surrey services at:

Some Carers, particularly younger Carers are affected by stigma associated with their care role often not opening up and discussing their care role with relatives, friends or healthcare professionals for fear of separation, guilt, pride or other reasons.

Key Facts about Care
We want to be there for all people needing our help now and in the future

If you’re doing something with your family this Easter weekend, whether it be decorating eggs, participating in a community event like an Easter Egg Hunt or simply enjoying your Easter Sunday lunch and chocolate eggs – please spare a thought for all unpaid Carers who may not be able to simply get out of the house because of their care role.

Donate, Give
A one off donation of £22 will give a Carer an hour’s respite break but if you give £5 regularly you will play an active role to help more unpaid Carers who are still waiting. Thank you.

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